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UNITED BULLY KENNELS takes pride in providing our dogs access to the biggest most diverse playgrounds that nature has to offer. From heavily wooded 4x4 trails, wide open fields, & ocean fishing. 
Our dogs experience and enjoy, just about every landscape nature has to offer on a regular basis.  We believe that it is essential to the health and happiness of our dogs to provide them with the opportunity to grow both physically and spiritually strong; it is essential to feed both their body & soul.
We thoroughly believe that quality always beats quantity. While many other bully breeders out there may have more dogs than us, few can sincerely say that each and every one of their dogs are  legitimate show stoppers; few can sincerely say that each and every one of their bullies possess the attributes and genetic traits necessary to make them worth breeders. 
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**Buyers Beware of Puppy Scams **
The technology we have makes it possible for bully breeders like us to have clients all across the world to adopt our puppies. But, it also opens the door to unscrupulous people who will take advantage of honest individuals looking for a new companion.  

About 50% of our puppies are adopted by in-state clients who come by our home to pick-up their  new puppy, but this means that we send about 50% of our puppies out-of-state to every corner of the country. While the internet makes this possible, it also opens up possibilities of fraud. When buying a puppy over the internet, an old adage comes to mind, “buyers beware”. While there are many good and ethical dog breeders, there are also a lot of individuals who will breed dogs, regardless of quality, in an effort to make a few bucks, and other despicable individuals who will perpetrate any scam they can invent to get  your  hard earned money Puppy scams are becoming an all too common occurrence. 


Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado
Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho
Illinois Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine
Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,
 Missouri, Montana Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, 
New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, 
Oklahoma, Oregon,Pennsylvania Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota
Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington,
West Virginia Wisconsin, Wyoming
To all potential buyers, beware and aware of the fact that many kennels out there are in the practice of manipulating the stats of their dogs in an attempt to compete with the true breeders!! As with just about everything you can purchase in this world, you get what you pay for, so make sure that you are getting what you pay for. There is a high and low end everything!

Each and every one of our bullies & Frenchies are considered "family dogs." Our dogs are treated as members of the family and are raised right along side of our children from birth. All of our puppies are socialized from birth as they are surrounded by other socialized adultdogs, children, & humans 24/7! What this means is that we take the time to lay the mental foundation required to ensure that your puppy matures into a stable, happy, healthy, well adjusted, disciplined, trainable, loyal, and loving tempered adult.

While aggressive dogs obviously do exist, we believe that the temperament of a canine is contingent on how they are raised. If one feeds a dog love, socialization, discipline and excercise...they will respond with love, loyalty, and respect... If one feeds a dog hate, anger, imprisonment, and/or any other forms of torture or neglect...the dog will respond with fear aggression, depression, and poor health!!

We will NEVER sell a puppy to anyone who is looking for a fighting dog or has plans on breeding fighting dogs. As responsible owners, it is our duty to act as ambassadors to the breed which includes doing everything in our power to ensure that none of our puppies fall into the hands of any individual or group who would abuse them or use them for any illegal purpose(s).

Our goal is to create a superior bull breeds, that are able to excel at any task set before it, regardless of weather or not this is playing fetch, working as a police or personal protection, or taking first place in the show ring. Intelligent, athletic, and loyal. 
Hands down, they are perfect 10's in the temperament and beauty departments...show stoppers. This is because we refuse sacrifice structure, drive or temperament for any one single trait. 

***Our breedings are designed to create a bullies that are correct, consistent, & symmetrical***

The sad truth is that way too many breeders/kennels have fallen victim to the idea that bigger is always better. These breeders believe that they must have the largest bully to compete in, what has become, a market over saturated, and dominated by, sloppy suspect bullies. They sacrifice clean lines, straight bones, tight skin, stable temperments, and health for size.
These breeders/kennels consider their bullies weight the begin and end all of breeding. They base their success on whether or not their pitbull is bigger than another kennels pitbull. For these breeders, size trumps all! They wish to say that they have and/or produce 130 to150 pound pit or bully in hopes of selling their pups for an inflated price that is based on nothing but the projected end weight of the puppy.

You can spend your money and roll the dice on the hollow promises of a cheat breeder and the dream of owning a 150 pound bully that looks and functions as a bully should with no health and/development problems...
 You can come back to reality and invest your hard earned money in one of our genetically sound, perfectly perportioned, life long loyal companion, show stopper, neck snapper, 100 plus pound, authentic pitbull bully thoroughbreds!